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Adventures in Washington

Sunshine, swimming, and joy


(Image is of the five of us at the lake today, by five I mean myself and daughter, my best friend and her two daughters)

Have you ever had a day that you wanted to drop everything and just run away from reality? Run away from responsibility?
Well today I had one of those days and instead of ignoring it like an adult I pulled my daughter out of school and went with it. My best friend owns a house with a private community lake. I messaged her to see if she wanted company and she did because she wanted to go to the lake. It was her daughters early day and one of those very rare gorgeous days in Washington.
We went, we splashed, we laughed, and we enjoyed the perfect day.
I knew deep down to break out of the vicious cycle of depression I needed to gather energy I didn’t have and went. It might be a temporary fix to the problem but it felt freeing. Just being able to go when I decided to, I know it was irresponsible to pull my daughter out of school for fun. But God if she didn’t need a treat right along with me, she suffers from my depression too. Not in the same ways but with my temper, my lack of patients, my lack of motivation, or energy.
Now I am exhausted for the first time and I might get to sleep before 4 am.


(Image is of a graphic image with the quote – “I have been putting a lot of thought into it and I just don’t think being an adult is gonna work for me”)

Hiking and the outdoors


Washington is beautiful, even in the rain. I have to say that because we went hiking Sunday in Washington in the rain. I love the Pacific Northwest, I mean I hate the rain some times but that all goes together I guess. We went hiking by the Dosewallips River, it was raining but it was beautiful. The daughter was in a state of awe the entire trip. The hike was a quick incline followed by a mile or so meandering throughout the woods around waterfalls and finally back down the hillside (or as my city boy husband calls it – a mountain lol).



(Images are of our hike in the Dosewallips forrest)

On the other hand after not very much research I have discovered that dogs aren’t allowed in Yellowstone. That seems perfectly reasonable but for our situation that really just sucks. We are moving our entire household, dog included, we don’t have a place for him while we adventure. The husband said and I quote “most people would give their up for adoption, but I don’t want to do that.” That honestly didn’t even cross my mind. I was thinking doggy daycare. There are plenty of options for that but I am worried about leaving my pup with strangers for a day. What if he decides to “play” which to a boxer is all mouth and boxing? What if he gets scared? What if there isn’t room for him when we plan to be there? Ugh hate all this.
Travelling sucks! So we have pretty much ruled out some of the things we were looking for. We can’t go to the Grand Canyon or New Orleans. New Orleans was the one thing I was very much looking forward to.
Well I’m not sure where I was going with all this my mind is frazzled.

Game Farm in the rain


The Olympic Game Farm, who has been there? None of you? Well let me tell you about this amazing place that I’ve been to more times than I can count! First off it is home to the waving bears! Second the family that created this amazing place worked with Walt and Roy Disney creating wildlife films for about 20 years, during that time the Game Farm wasn’t open to the public ( Today on this typical rainy day we are off to enjoy this piece of one man’s dreams. We will feed Llamas and zebras, we will get bears to wave to us and enjoy a day with each other.
The tour of the game farm begins small with sika deer and Prairie dogs, graduating into Yaks and Zebras. All of which you get to feed out of your hand (minus Prairie dogs of course). My daughter was nervous, all the signs read the horses and zebras bite. And of course being young that translates into all the animals bite. But after watching us feed Yaks and Llamas she grew the courage to feed all the animals out of her hand minus the bison. Most of the bison were the size of our SUV so I don’t really blame her. I though one of them were going to rip off the side mirror.

The bison run to your car looking for bread, they are all very accustom to people and cars. Every animal other than the zebras and horses are gentle.

As you can see in the picture above I’m feeding this Elk and it’s as gentle as can be. I also got to scratch her before she went to find another car for more food.

Yak taking bread from my fingers. I truly love this place and the experiences that come from it!

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