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January 2017


There is something strangely motivating about sitting at work. I have completed all of my tasks an have realized I’ve fallen behind on a personal goals. I haven’t been writing! It’s January 20th I should have like 8 or 9 posts completed and published, instead I have the one that is taunting me about setting a goal only to fail the next day. 

Well here’s  to work and achieving my goal. I will be piecing posts together for the rest of the day for me to finish throughout the week. I am resetting my goal, starting today I will write as often as possible, I will post as close to three times a week as I possibly can. And I will do my best not to let myself down. 

Now I’m off to earn my paycheck and continue to write every day. 

New years challenge 

I’m challenging myself to write at least four times each week. That shouldn’t be overwhelming or too much, but it seems daunting. I mean finding a topic, putting together an articulated post, and writing it all the way to the end? Overwhelming! 8 have had many posts that went unfinished until I deleted them because they were no longer relevant. 

So today I’m going to start with today. One day at a time until I don’t even think twice about it. One post at a time until it becomes a habit. 

Let the effort and the challenge begin!

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