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December 2016

East coast vs West coast

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East Coast

Mexican Food sucks. I mean somewhere there might be a great restaurant but I haven’t found anything or heard of anything. And everyone I ask they lead me to not very authentic Mexican sadly. 

Everything is historic or claims to be historic. 

There are families that pride themselves on being old blood. 

Everywhere you go there is history or a battlefield. There are monuments to people and to either the revolutionary war or the civil war everywhere. 

The winter is way colder here!

They call liquor stores package stores. And at least in this area you can only buy liquor at certain times during the week and limited times during Sunday. I thought I left the bible belt behind but I guess not. Also they have a minimum price for liquor, they have to charge above a certain price by law because that’s not crazy. 

New England area really knows how to make a delicious pizza!! Like they win the pizza game! Lol

There are castles, many castles on the East coast. 

Victorian homes are a thing and man does that style of home hold my heart! It’s my dream home only because I want a turret! Lol!

You literally get all four seasons! You get the cold winters, the warm spring, the hot summer, and the cooler fall. It’s strange to me and beautiful too! 

West Coast 

Mexican food is available, lol!

There’s history but not the type you learn about in an American history class. There’s awesome old railroads and the occasional old WW2 Forts, but no civil war battle fields or revolutionary war history. 

There are hundreds of Indian reservations on the western half of the country, over here not so much. 

In Western Washington specifically, fall isn’t really a thing. I mean the leaves change and fall down of course but there aren’t as many deciduous tress (leaf trees). 

The pizza in most places is not nearly as good on the west coast, I mean there’s good places but overall it falls short. 

COFFEE!!! Oh my do I miss a great cup of coffee! Yall over here on the east coast are seriously missing out on good coffee! No dunkin donuts is not good coffee, dear lord! Starbucks is disgusting! There are NO little coffee shops where they strive to make you the best cup of coffee ever and succeed! I miss it! Lol
I miss the hidden beautiful Pacific Coast beaches that weren’t full of tourists! I have been to a few beaches off of the Atlantic but there’s always so many people and they aren’t very pretty. I mean there’s the typical sand and water but no cliffs and huge rock formations, it’s and little bland here. 

Did I miss any differences that you know of? Let me know! What’s your favorite thing about one coast or the other? 


(Image is of a tree with Christmas lights for no real reason except it’s pretty.)

It’s been a long time since I have written on here and part of it was because I was discouraged. I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere or anything new so I wasn’t sure what the point of continuing was. Another part of it was the exhaustion of working, parenting, and trying to be a functional human then failing to make time to write. Even though I’ve had plenty of ideas and a want to write I just have forgotten or pushed it until later. Well I made the choice that now is later and I’m going to write more. 

So welcome anyone who is new and thanks for sticking around if your not new. 

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