( Image is of a graphic image that says “our influence as a mother is powerful. Don’t waste it. Little eyes are watching you.” this image is not mine, I found it on pinterest.)

As a working mom, even if it is part-time,  in an area with no real family or friends finding someone to help on days that the husbands schedule and mine over lap. Knowing I work two days that my husband can’t be there for Mini-me and I have to work both of those days, its crazy and stressful. Thankfully I found a wonderful lady with a little one that is willing to work with me and watch Mini-me.

It helps that I left one of my jobs, I couldn’t handle doing both jobs and still trying to be a good mom and wife. Doing two jobs, working 50+ hours every week, it’s just impossible to be a human let alone a human with other humans depending on me. Living everyday completely exhausted and burned out wasn’t leaving much of an example for Mini-me to follow. Right now with all the changed in our life, she needs to look up to a mom who is all there with her. A mom who is working to make life better but is completely aware and capable, not exhausted and cranky. Not a mom who is stressed and running out of steam every moment of the day she isn’t at work.

So I needed to leave something left for my home life, and I needed to show an awesome example for my Mini-me. Everyday I work to do just that, show her everything a mom can do, everything a woman can do. I show her my strength and her dad can show her how awesome a career is. Of course I’m working towards having a career of my own.

So here’s to another day of pushing forward, of being a good example for the little one following my lead. May everyone leave a good example for their little ones to follow.