(Image is a picture of Jax being lazy, which is what I wish I could do!)

I’m not officially a manager in training at a sports store in my area. It is a wonderful opportunity, a great chance to learn and get ahead in any career feild I choose when I decided what I want to be when I grow up. I appreciate this opportunity and I am wildly excited for the chance to learn and do something new. A job with benefits I don’t really need as well as eventual paid time off and a full time schedule. But no flexibility with my hours, and a boss who can’t teach and only working night shifts.

However the manager, well he sucks. But at the job I had first the managers are awesome. They are also offering me a promotion and a raise along with better hours. I work with people I like and get along with, at a job I have fun doing. It’s not a big deal job or great wages but I fell competent when I go to work. 

So how do I choose between the great job with the list of benefits that I am not positive I can do or the job I already sure I can do and enjoy. The first job that will give the money to help support my family and get ahead but I’ll have no family time or the job I enjoy with flexible work hours and definitely have time for my family, the pay is just slightly less. 

I hate the situation and I hate having to make a choice like this. Here’s to the next month of figuring out what to do and how to do it!