So I have been working a lot these last few days. Its amazing I lived in Washington for years and never had a job fall into my lap as easily as this one did. I work in a clothing store (I’m trying not to spend my paychecks at said clothes store), I technically work part-time but this week I have maxed out on hours so close to full-time.

Every day I get to people and talk to real live adults! It’s a wonderful thing. Today I had lady come in looking for underwear her son would love so he would wipe his bum properly. I doubt underwear will fix the problem but we found some awesome ones with dinosaurs on them. I mean really if he doesn’t fear getting shit on a tyrannosaurs rex’s head then he’s screwed.

A guy came in our store today and he was looking for baby clothes. Awe so sweet, right? Well when we asked if said baby was a boy or a girl he said “I don’t know its squishy and my brothers”. After wandering the store for a while he remembered the baby had a pink hat on its head, “that means it’s probably a girl right?” it took a lot not to laugh. With a smile I led him over to the baby girl section and picked out a few dresses for him with matching hats and socks. When he got to pay after finding things for his nephew (he knew he was a boy because “he liked trucks”, because that makes a difference in gender) including an amazing skeleton hoodie. He got to the register only to ask “am I a horrible uncle for not knowing she was a girl”? At this point all of my self-control was gone, I giggled and laughed (he did too). I finally gained enough composure to say no, if you have been busy then its just fine. He said he’s been out of the country for a year so totally understandable. But still funny!