What could be more glorious that a day off? Your first day off after taking five days to work while your still unpacking and sorting out your house, that’s not such a glorious day.

Your first day off after your husband had to drop 600 dollars to repair his car and your just not making enough to cover the difference.

Stress, that’s what it is!

But I am going to take the stress out while unpacking everything I can! Find things that are “missing” aka packed into boxes that are labeled in a way that makes ANY senses!

I’ve so over moving! Next time I might just drive the movers absolutely insane looking into boxes as they are packing and take my own notes! That sounds genius! Can some one remind me of that in three years?

Anyways I’m off to unpack and finish my house! The only room that is completely unpacked is the master bathroom (sad I know!)

Enjoy your day lovely people!