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September 2016


(Image is of Jax with his head on the back of our couch and the rest of his body taking up half of a couch. The vet was wrong he’s still growing.)

Opportunity, what does that even mean? Well the definition is “a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.” To me it means a chance to do something new and exciting! Like the interview and pending job offer I just got to be a manager in a sporting goods store not very far away from home. Another opportunity I have had opened up to me in the last few days is a chance to return to school and get three certificates for the field I want to work in all part of one course and because I am a military wife there is no out-of-pocket cost. No loans to pay back, no books to pay for, no payment needed to sit the boards for national certifications! That over either is a wonderful chance to change our life and help our finances of course!

We were also talking about retirement plans (the military is putting out a new one that my husband would have the chance to switch to if he wants) and if we wanted to use the investment plan that is available. At the beginning of our conversation all I could think of was we are way to young to be deciding on retirement plans and if we want to start setting money aside for when we are old and ready to be done working. After a minute of our conversation I realized the wisdom of preparing early. I mean if we started putting aside however much now into medium to low risk investments then we would be good to retire at 60 or maybe even 65 if we aren’t investing a lot.

Growing up and making decisions that will affect our future is new to me. Yet it is super exciting to make these choices and be in a place that we have the opportunity to chose the best for our future! Or maybe be an example to our kids to on what not to do!

So now I’m off to enroll into college and take advantage of that awesome opportunity!

Day off

What could be more glorious that a day off? Your first day off after taking five days to work while your still unpacking and sorting out your house, that’s not such a glorious day.

Your first day off after your husband had to drop 600 dollars to repair his car and your just not making enough to cover the difference.

Stress, that’s what it is!

But I am going to take the stress out while unpacking everything I can! Find things that are “missing” aka packed into boxes that are labeled in a way that makes ANY senses!

I’ve so over moving! Next time I might just drive the movers absolutely insane looking into boxes as they are packing and take my own notes! That sounds genius! Can some one remind me of that in three years?

Anyways I’m off to unpack and finish my house! The only room that is completely unpacked is the master bathroom (sad I know!)

Enjoy your day lovely people!


So I have been working a lot these last few days. Its amazing I lived in Washington for years and never had a job fall into my lap as easily as this one did. I work in a clothing store (I’m trying not to spend my paychecks at said clothes store), I technically work part-time but this week I have maxed out on hours so close to full-time.

Every day I get to people and talk to real live adults! It’s a wonderful thing. Today I had lady come in looking for underwear her son would love so he would wipe his bum properly. I doubt underwear will fix the problem but we found some awesome ones with dinosaurs on them. I mean really if he doesn’t fear getting shit on a tyrannosaurs rex’s head then he’s screwed.

A guy came in our store today and he was looking for baby clothes. Awe so sweet, right? Well when we asked if said baby was a boy or a girl he said “I don’t know its squishy and my brothers”. After wandering the store for a while he remembered the baby had a pink hat on its head, “that means it’s probably a girl right?” it took a lot not to laugh. With a smile I led him over to the baby girl section and picked out a few dresses for him with matching hats and socks. When he got to pay after finding things for his nephew (he knew he was a boy because “he liked trucks”, because that makes a difference in gender) including an amazing skeleton hoodie. He got to the register only to ask “am I a horrible uncle for not knowing she was a girl”? At this point all of my self-control was gone, I giggled and laughed (he did too). I finally gained enough composure to say no, if you have been busy then its just fine. He said he’s been out of the country for a year so totally understandable. But still funny!


(Image above shows my husband setting up the tv and a pile of boxes)

Movers are those wonderful people who do the dirty work of packing for you. I hate packing almost as much as I hate unpacking so the fact that they do over half the work is a wonderful thing! 

However the labels on these boxes are the worst thing I could’ve imagined. I opened a box that said shoes yesterday expecting to unpack my shoes. Well there was one shoe in the entire box and the rest was bedding and things like that. So explain to me why in the world the box said shoes? Ya I have no idea either! 

I have another one. A box said closet miscellaneous, however there was no explanation of which closet, in what room. Now our old house had three different hallway closet, one in the kids room, and three in the master bedroom. So it was a mystery box that I avoided for about a week. 

There are also half a dozen boxes that say books, well which room did they come from. Are they kids books? The books that were in the master bedroom or how about the ones from the living room? There’s not box checked to tell me where they came from so I get another round of open this box and let’s see where it really goes. 

One more! There was a box that was labeled “papers.” So the night before I had an appointment with my daughter’s school to enroll her that was the first box I looked into for her paperwork. Well guess what that entire box is crafts with a few dozen sheets of color papers. My important paperwork file was in a box that was labeled boxes, literally it said boxes. That particular box had not one single box inside of it!

The movers were great they packed everything I asked them too. They were quick and efficient, they were polite and took care of our things. I really appreciated all of their work! Until I realized they labeled boxes half assed and really shitty. 

So moral of the story. When the movers label your boxes. Don’t trust them!

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