(Image is of the Smithsonian Castle in Washington DC) 

Our trip began way to early on a Saturday morning, the sun hadn’t risen and the sky was dark. We had said goodbye to our friends and family the night before so there wasn’t much left to do but pack our bedding and ourselves and go. But I found myself wanting to linger in the closest thing I had left to normal, the last part of the life I had known for 2 years, the home we had come to know and love. Despite my sluggish attitude and slow movements we left Washington. We drove from sunrise well past sun down. We adventure through the mountains passes of Washington and Idaho, through the fields and deserts of Montana, until we got into Yellowstone. That park for the two days we were there was wonderful. It was awe inspiring, beauty that can only be found in that one spot. The joys it brought my daughter and all of us really was the best part.

From there we ventured to my sister in laws house in Salt Lake City. That was found days of fun and sunshine. For me I got to meet my husbands family (the ones I hadn’t met or only briefly met at our wedding). We got to spend time and enjoy each other’s company. We explored the city, we did an indoor rock climbing course, a children’s museum, and rode the river on a raft. All with family, all surprisingly fun for a girl with anxiety who does not do change well. 

Our next stop was my wonderful mother in laws house (my husbands step mom, his mother passed away before I came into the picture). She was fantastic. I love her as if she was my other parent. With her we toured the casinos and wandered the Vegas Strip, we watched street shows, and water shows. My husband got pulled into a street show on his birthday, making the day just that much better. We watched a movie and ate wonderful food. It was a great stop along our journey. 

The next place we adventured too was a 18 hour road trip to Texas. On this day everything that could go wrong did, can’t have too many perfect road trip days. Anyways we left Las Vegas later than expected meaning we got to Fort Worth later than expected. We drove straight through the night and we took turns sleeping in the car. It was long and hellish but we are it the entire 17 hours on pure determination and red bull. By the time we got to Fort Worth I was so exhausted I was close to dead (or I felt like it). And the husband wanted to run errands and get lunch, he wanted to people. I’m not great at that in the first place mix it in with two hours of crappy sleep in the car and a tired child and it’s a rough combo. Anyways our days there were great! I attempted to male plans with my friends from when I lived there none of them had time (that’s OK life happens), and that was rough because I miss them. But we relaxed in the heat of Texas, we played at the lake on boats and jet skis, we road roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas and we recharged from the previous places we visited. We had a week in texas of fun, sunshine, and swimming. Even Jax went swimming a time or two. 

From there we moved on to Florida to my brother in laws house, that was two days of chaos and crazy. We went shooting at a range, I realized how much I miss shooting. It made me realize I need to buy a new gun and re-register for my concealed carry. We also went and ate on the water at a beautiful restaurant. We had fried pickles and alligator, fish and shrimp tacos. All of that great southern food, that I missed while living up north. 

From there we went to Georgia to a weekend of really terrible planning and failed attempts to go to the beach (they don’t allow dogs at the beach and we had no one to watch Jax). We stayed at Law Quinta in Savanah  (they have a fairly good pet policy) however Jax freaked out about the hotel room and truly didn’t like it, so we didn’t get to do many things.

Washington DC was our next stop, and this time we had a plan before we went thankfully. We stayed in a extremely pet friendly hotel called the Kimpton Madrea near Dupont Circle (I am not affiliated with this company I just really appreciated the service and treatment we got while having a dog in the hotel). They provided a dog bed (that Jax loved), pet dishes (since ours vanished in the car), a list of services to use for doggy daycare, and just all out friendliness while we had a dog there which was a wonderful change. Since we had a pet sitter we were able to tour part of the National Mall. We went to the Smithsonian, we saw the Washington Monument, Mini-Me got to see her favorite presidents (Lincoln) memorial. We walked for around 8 or 9 miles depending on the fitbit you ask. We saw the World War I I monument  (maybe it was a memorial, not sure), we also saw the Vietnam War wall. Both of those were awe inspiring as a veteran myself, it makes me wonder if we will ever a have monument for the war in trained for. I doubt it. We ate great food, we got cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes, it was a great two day stop.

Our final stretch was the drive from DC to Connecticut and that was long and arduous. It was hard and exhausting, some how that last 6 hour drive seemed longer than the 17 hours it took to drive to Texas. I personally fell apart around New York and had a panic attack while the husband drove through the Bronx.We got to our hotel the day before we were able to go home and I fell on the bed exhausted. 

Our trip was amazing and beautiful, crazy and chaotic, lazy and busy, it was everything you could want from 27 days driving across the country, coast to coast. It was an adventure that I’m glad I don’t have to repeat.