(Image is of the South Carolina welcomes you sign that was at our first stop. The one we took because Mini-Me forgot to take a potty breaks before we left our hotel.)

We have been on the road, living out of our car for 24 days. We have argued, driving through the night, and adventures in the last three plus weeks. We have seen family and adventured solo. We have stepped into 15 states as of this very moment, and will get to be in 23 total by the time we are done in three more days. 

We have felt the differences in temperature, humidity, and elevation. We have viewed different landscapes: desert, forest, mountains, swamps, and red dirt roads. Of course there was the farm country of Northern Texas, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. 

We have experienced the sights of Las Vegas, Yellowstone National Park, Salt Lake city, Dallas Texas, Florida swamps and water views, and Georgia’s Sandy beaches. I am overly grateful for this trip and the fact the my daughter got to see this very pretty countryside. 

However 23 days down on this road trip, 23 nights sleeping in strange places, 23 days without the comfort of home and I am completely and utterly done! I’m ready to go build a new home and start our three years in a state on the opposite side of the country than I’m accustomed too. Not that I’m complaining (much) but I’m done. 

Just two more stops, is the mantra I am taking on for the next three days.