In Utah we stayed at the husbands sister’s house with her family. They have extra bedrooms and are amazing enough to enjoy sharing a house. The one downfall their youngest son was afraid of dogs and of course we have a giant Boxer dog who thinks that jumping is a great way to show love no matter who it is. Anyways we had a blast, with my in-laws! I know its crazy to say that I really get along with my nine brothers and sisters in-laws, my mother in-law and my father in-law but I really do. I got lucky! (To clarify my husband has six sisters and three brothers, or something along those lines there’s 10 of them!)

We took all the kids to the children’s museum (panic attack waiting to happen there). They had everything a kid could want from a giant multi-level play area, a kid town, water fun, outdoor play areas and everything in between. After two or three hours we didn’t even make it through the entire place but we were all exhausted!

We went rock climbing at an indoor free climb place, that was a ton of fun. Even the kids could climb the walls and they did! There were tons of skill levels, tons different tracks I guess you would call it to find your way up to the top. The husband had a blast climbing everywhere. It was great!

The last thing we did the morning before we left the Salt Lake City area was river rafting! It was one of the best things we could have done! I got knocked almost out of the boat a time or two, the kids got splashed and we all laughed the entire way down the river. We almost ran over a guy that was floating down the river, we lost the other half of our group because we were lighter. After the rafting but before the leaving I conspired with one of my many sister in-law to bring the husbands favorite cake to the family picnic!

Then the picnic was over and it was back onto the road for more adventures in Las Vegas.