(Image is of the water show in front of the Bellagio hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.)

The three of us (well four if you count the pup) spent three full days in the city of lights. We wandered through casinos, we went to exhibits, and we ventured onto the Strip itself. My wonderfully amazing Mother in-law (step mother In-law technically) let us stay at her house with the pup! She’s the true hero of the few days we were there. 

The first full day we got there we went to the Bellagio Resort (we didn’t go into the casino proper, 7 year old mini me and all) they had an entire underwater scene made out of flowers! So fish, mermaids, a whale, and a shipwreck all made completely out of perfectly places flowers! That was a favorite of Mini-Me.

(Image is of the shipwreck make partially from flowers inside the Bellagio)

 Our first day happened to be the husbands birthday (not a coincidence I’m just an awesome wife lol). After our walk through the resort the husband decided to go in search for a Slushie  (a definite adult type beverage containing at least 4 shots of vodka). We let him wander off and we stopped to watch a street show of hilarious hip-hop dancers. I’m a firm believer in if a street performer makes you stop and watch him you owe him at least a dollar right. Well these five or six guys not only made us all stop the pulled my husband into their show to be jumped over! Which of course earned them a $10 from my MIL and another $5 from me because I didn’t bring anything else with me. They were amazing! 

(Image above is of the performers lining us the husband and four other guys to get jumped over. Yes there’s a random pretty boy on the left and I don’t know who he is.)

The second day we went to the Luxor Hotel and Casino to see the Bodies Exhibition. That is something that I have been talking about for roughly two years and anytime we are some where near it we forget to go. Well this time I made sure we went. It was one of the most intriguing exhibits I have ever seen. Let me back track a bit, this exhibit is of real actual human bodies (where they come from is up  for debate). So probably not ethically obtained but extremely interesting. If this is an exhibition that you want to see despite the ethical concerns (like me) I suggest not going with a full stomach, some of the displays are quite graphic of course. So basically if you interested in seeing the human body from the inside out then I definitely suggest going to see it. Some of the bodies are not in cases or roped off so you need a strong stomach to handle every part of it. There is also a portion of fetuses that you can skip if you want to but they are fasinating. No pictures of this part of our trip due to not being allowed to take pictures of anything inside. 

Finally we had to repack the car and prepare to leave for our next stop. We are officially Texas bound!