We are in Yellowstone as I’ve said before. My Fitbit has been happy with me for a few days, I have been over 10,000 steps every single day. On to the trip details – Our two days were so wonderful it will be hard describing it, but I will give it my best shot.


We started the first day at the Lower Geyser Basin & Fountain Paint Pots (click on there to visit the Yellowstone website). Those two trails are spectacular, it was an easy walk it took us about a half hour. The smells are mostly contained to the individual springs, the steam coming off the springs however that floated wherever the wind went and it was overpowering. The geysers there are pretty amazing, one named the Clepsydra geyser goes off almost constantly. However, since we didn’t know any better we missed one of the “most fun” geysers in the park. The Fountain Geyser is one that I now know goes off every half hour and can go in every direction that sounds great to me especially since we went in the summer. We also found the Great Fountain Geyser it was a geyser that sits in the middle of some fantastic pools, we heard that when it erupts it is better than Old Faithful. We missed the Midway Geyser Basin & Grand Prismatic Springs so we will try to get there on day two.

We made it to Old Faithful, let me start by saying this place is amazing! But I think a better time to go is early on in the day at least during the end of July or beginning of August! It was hot and sunburned us all despite our sunscreen. Now the trails around Old Faithful are just as good as the main event. My suggestion is to go there right when it is close to erupting or just after it erupts (click here for predictions). The trail around Old Faithful is called the Upper Geyser Basin. That trail was roughly 2 miles and it takes about an hour and a half to walk and enjoy it. There were many things that stood out, Mini-Me says that one called Sponge Geyser was the best. It was pretty cool to see it erupt, even if Mini-Me says “my parents weren’t paying attention. We were paying attention, but she’s was right it was one of the coolest parts in the upper trails that we walked at least. On the Upper Geyser Basin trail we followed behind a group, and at first we didn’t realize what they were doing. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland or Yellowstone or really any place with crowds and people all jostling to see one or two things on a somewhat narrow trail then you know how I could miss what they were saying. Now at one point the crowd moved on at it was just us and this group (three or four adults and a handful of kids). I could finally hear what they were saying. This awesome science type group had a thermometer to measure the temperatures of the hot springs and geysers. In my eyes this was an awesome chance for my science minded Mini-Me to learn about her favorite stuff without boring mom teaching her. So I told her to listen to them, now once the adults noticed that she was interested the explained everything to her in detail (using science words but words kids could understand), they even let her test out the thermometer on the geyser in front of us. That geyser was over 180 degrees and Mini-Me’s skin read at only 80 degrees. She talked about that for quite a while, how hot the water was and wondering what it would do if you touched it (other than burning you of course). It was a great opportunity and I was super grateful to these people who took the few minutes to teach my kiddo about the temperatures of the geyser and hot springs.

At the end of our day as I finally laid down completely and utterly drained I realized how grateful I am to be able to enjoy a trip like this with my family. Yes, leaving home with my family and friends sucks but I’m a military wife and if my husband’s job says go we go. I still get to be upset and sad when we leave friends or friends leave us. On the other hand, every few years we get 30 days to adventure between one duty station to the next and sometimes that does mean a cross country adventure and new places to see and visit.


Oh the awesome adventures of sunburns, hiking, and 80-degree weather. I can’t forget the people how had comments about my sunburns, god so many people with comments. One of them actually went after my ability to parent since I was so sunburnt. Well Mini-Me is right here and does not have a single sunburn anywhere, thank you very fucking much. Anyways I digress from the adventures of the day.

So we started our day by deciding since it was not hot out that we would bring Jax with us, it was either that or leave him in his kennel in the hotel room, bringing him with us seemed like a much better option. Our first stop at the park was the Grand Prismatic Spring, now that place is worth the hype. It is beautiful! There were several angles along the boardwalk that I just wanted to stay and watch it for the rest of the day. In spite of this, my rumbling tummy had other plans (I skipped breakfast oops). We had driven through a heard of bison (buffalo whichever one you prefer) also before we got to the Springs. That “traffic jam” was the totally worth it. For lunch we bypassed the crazy of Old Faithful and ate lunch ate West Thumb an area of Yellowstone Lake. Inside the Grant Village General Store is quick service food called Village Grill. Now that place can make a cheeseburger. It wasn’t cheap but it was definitely tasty, Mini-Me had a grilled cheese that she claimed was to die for, husband had a sandwich which he proceeded to lick the container clean and of course I had a bacon cheese burger what I inhaled naturally.

Throughout our day we visited the Mud Volcano with the Dragon’s Mouth Spring, Mini-Me was convinced that it had a real dragon in the cave and of course like all good parents we laughed! After leaving the Mud Volcano area we once again got into a Yellowstone Traffic Jam because of bison. We pulled over to watch one group play in the dirt and wander the beautiful meadows eating grass. The last hike/walk we took was a quick trip to Artist Point to see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. That right there was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. I’ve been to the real Grand Canyon and honestly I think the one in Yellowstone with the waterfall and the colors top it!

Soon we will be off to Salt Lake City and visiting family.