(Image is of my daughter across our very quiet street riding her bike, chasing her newly found friend)

In seven days we are leaving, and in that same amount of time my daughter and I have found friends in our neighborhood. There is a boy right across the street who is sweet as pie and is mini me’s newest good friend. His mom is one of those few awesome mom’s that I can get along with. She’s great! We went to the park, the kids ran the park while the adults played volleyball in the grass. The kids joined and left several times. They ran and screamed, we played during, laughed and made fools out of ourselves. 

As an adult and a mom I’ve always found it hard to make friends and keep friends. Now I’ve made one friend, on my own and I’m leaving. Goodbyes are hard. I’ve never been particularly good at them. It seems like now that I’m older and I have more roots making it harder. I knew what I signed up for when I married a man in the military. A life time of moving, of leaving friends, of saying goodbye. I signed up for my daughter and potential future kids up for a lifetime of switching schools every three of more years, of saying goodbye to teachers that will help shape them, to leaving behind old classmates for a set of new ones. So I’m not complaining, I’m just sad. 

Needless to say, goodbyes are hard!