( Image is of a birthday cake, it’s cute and girly and something my kiddo would never chose. I stole it from pinterest, the image that is)

Day after tomorrow  (Friday ) my daughter and her best friend are having a half birthday for themselves. What is a half birthday you ask? Well since I asked the 7 year old girls myself I can answer with some manner of certainty that it is a day where they celebrate each other’s almost (not quite in my kids case) birthdays since my family is moving and the birthdays won’t be celebrated together. Something along those lines at least.

Well these geniuses sucked three parents into a birthday party for the two of them complete with gifts and cupcakes and a potential day at the lake. Lucky kids right? Well these two girls are as close as her mom n I are. Which is pretty dam close, her mom is one of the few people in the world I don’t have to be guarded with, one who we laugh uncontrollably for hours. 

Back to the unbirthday, yup I’m going there (Alice in Wonderland reference if you need me to explain). A (my friend) and I split the cost of buying her daughter a new tablet, brand new, and just for her. This tablet is super awesome because as mom’s we get to monitor them and link their tablets so they can “text” while apart. Yup judge the parenting choices it’s cool, but my daughter’s lost a lot of friends because of her and I moving I don’t want to add to the list. So tablets for them to text works for me. 

The things we do as parents to ensure our kids happiness right?