(Image is of my home during sunset about one hour before an amazing firework show.)

This last weekend we as a family went to my home, probably the last visit back to that wonderfully peaceful part of paradise. I love going home knowing that I no longer live there, it always brings me a sense of peace. Sitting on the beach right in front of my parents, I found this sense of tranquility. I have been torn and sad about many of the changes going on, I did not want to move but we are, I wasn’t sure about having a baby when I have a seven-year old and now I’m excited about it. It was like everything clicked into place for once. I’m still not excited about the snow in Connecticut or the length of winters. However it is the perfect place to find amazing and adorable fall festivals, for once in a lifetime experiences, Connecticut is just as pretty as Washington. It is completely different from the wonderful state that I grew up in but it is a wonder all of its own.

An added bonus, the husband pointed out (go him!) the Salem Witch Trials area is not far from where we would be living. There are colonial towns in the area, Halloween (my favorite thing ever!) is a huge deal around there.