(Image is of a bookshelf full of books complete with a ladder. It is in my opinion heaven.)

I am an avid bookworm, I read hundreds of books each year. I love books, I devoured series. I adore stand alone books and everything in between. I love apps like wattpad that let me read fanfics. I am a bookworm in every sense of the word. If and when I find a book I fall in love with I have to read it repeatedly. My Harry Potter books are the epitiomy of case in point. I love them, I escape into them. They a treasured relics from my childhood that I will probably never let go. And to me that’s okay because my habit, my drug of choice, is literature.

So when I have the utter misfortune of finding a book series I want to read every single drop of only to find out the author did one of two terrible thing, well it kills a piece of my soul. Those two things in my opinion are: half-ass writing every book after a person hooked on the first book, or fail to complete the series. This in my opinion are EPIC failures for any author.

Why would you start an amazing series only to leave it empty and unfinished? Or finish it so pathetically that it is impossible to read the end of the series? Why would you put so much effort into book one of the series only to flop spectacularly at books two and on? Why write a book that opens a series only to leave it open and utterly unfinished?

These questions plague me, I am completely and utterly frusterated by. I hate these authors, I mean I love them but I slightly despise them. I want these authors to complete the series with the same effort put forth into the first book. I crave these books with everything in my soul.

Okay done ranting. I just slip a little bit further into insanity when authors do this to me! I am already on the edge so slipping further towards the abyss is very daunting.