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July 2016


Today has been spent in the car, for 12 hours driving across three states. Yes we took breaks between the kiddo and the pup there were plenty of potty breaks, and snack breaks. Well also stopped for lunch with friends who live in Spokane.we ate lunch and took a driving break, mini me played at the park a day Jax had run of the dog park (he was alone). 

The drive however from Washington to Yellowstone is absolutely gorgeous! Here are some samples for later! 

(Below are the pictures I took driving through Idaho and Montana)

Moving day

(Image is of my dog being difficult during our drive. He wanted to be in between the husband and I.)

Today we begin our travels across the country, from the Northwest to the Northeast. We have 27 days starting today of being in transit. Our house is our car and various family or hotels. Our food is to go, our stress is well it’s there. Mini me is partially heart broken. On the other hand, we are going on an adventure. We get to see half of the country. We have each other, and this experience won’t be our last cross country trip. After today things will get better, it will be easier to be in the car. The transition will be done, it’s a lot easier to leave a hotel behind. 

(Image below is a couple pictures I took while in the car of the scenery)


(Image is of my daughter across our very quiet street riding her bike, chasing her newly found friend)

In seven days we are leaving, and in that same amount of time my daughter and I have found friends in our neighborhood. There is a boy right across the street who is sweet as pie and is mini me’s newest good friend. His mom is one of those few awesome mom’s that I can get along with. She’s great! We went to the park, the kids ran the park while the adults played volleyball in the grass. The kids joined and left several times. They ran and screamed, we played during, laughed and made fools out of ourselves. 

As an adult and a mom I’ve always found it hard to make friends and keep friends. Now I’ve made one friend, on my own and I’m leaving. Goodbyes are hard. I’ve never been particularly good at them. It seems like now that I’m older and I have more roots making it harder. I knew what I signed up for when I married a man in the military. A life time of moving, of leaving friends, of saying goodbye. I signed up for my daughter and potential future kids up for a lifetime of switching schools every three of more years, of saying goodbye to teachers that will help shape them, to leaving behind old classmates for a set of new ones. So I’m not complaining, I’m just sad. 

Needless to say, goodbyes are hard!

Half birthday 

( Image is of a birthday cake, it’s cute and girly and something my kiddo would never chose. I stole it from pinterest, the image that is)

Day after tomorrow  (Friday ) my daughter and her best friend are having a half birthday for themselves. What is a half birthday you ask? Well since I asked the 7 year old girls myself I can answer with some manner of certainty that it is a day where they celebrate each other’s almost (not quite in my kids case) birthdays since my family is moving and the birthdays won’t be celebrated together. Something along those lines at least.

Well these geniuses sucked three parents into a birthday party for the two of them complete with gifts and cupcakes and a potential day at the lake. Lucky kids right? Well these two girls are as close as her mom n I are. Which is pretty dam close, her mom is one of the few people in the world I don’t have to be guarded with, one who we laugh uncontrollably for hours. 

Back to the unbirthday, yup I’m going there (Alice in Wonderland reference if you need me to explain). A (my friend) and I split the cost of buying her daughter a new tablet, brand new, and just for her. This tablet is super awesome because as mom’s we get to monitor them and link their tablets so they can “text” while apart. Yup judge the parenting choices it’s cool, but my daughter’s lost a lot of friends because of her and I moving I don’t want to add to the list. So tablets for them to text works for me. 

The things we do as parents to ensure our kids happiness right? 

Almost moving 

(Image is of my pup sitting in the driver’s seat of our car. A place he knows he isn’t allowed)

We are roughly two weeks away from our move. We have our travel plans figured out and nothing packed because the movers want it all kept in place. To me that’s stressful. I know they can handle it but it seems like I’m procrastinating and it’s killing me. 

Waiting is not my strong suit! I’m far from patient. And we have some awesome places to go in the next month. Like Yellowstone, and Salt Lake. We are going to Texas and Florida. I’m excited for those parts, not the waiting! 

(Image above is of the harbor in our town waiting for one of the famous Washington state ferry boats to dock and pick up my dad)


(Image is of my home during sunset about one hour before an amazing firework show.)

This last weekend we as a family went to my home, probably the last visit back to that wonderfully peaceful part of paradise. I love going home knowing that I no longer live there, it always brings me a sense of peace. Sitting on the beach right in front of my parents, I found this sense of tranquility. I have been torn and sad about many of the changes going on, I did not want to move but we are, I wasn’t sure about having a baby when I have a seven-year old and now I’m excited about it. It was like everything clicked into place for once. I’m still not excited about the snow in Connecticut or the length of winters. However it is the perfect place to find amazing and adorable fall festivals, for once in a lifetime experiences, Connecticut is just as pretty as Washington. It is completely different from the wonderful state that I grew up in but it is a wonder all of its own.

An added bonus, the husband pointed out (go him!) the Salem Witch Trials area is not far from where we would be living. There are colonial towns in the area, Halloween (my favorite thing ever!) is a huge deal around there.

Frustrations of a Bookworm 

(Image is of a bookshelf full of books complete with a ladder. It is in my opinion heaven.)

I am an avid bookworm, I read hundreds of books each year. I love books, I devoured series. I adore stand alone books and everything in between. I love apps like wattpad that let me read fanfics. I am a bookworm in every sense of the word. If and when I find a book I fall in love with I have to read it repeatedly. My Harry Potter books are the epitiomy of case in point. I love them, I escape into them. They a treasured relics from my childhood that I will probably never let go. And to me that’s okay because my habit, my drug of choice, is literature.

So when I have the utter misfortune of finding a book series I want to read every single drop of only to find out the author did one of two terrible thing, well it kills a piece of my soul. Those two things in my opinion are: half-ass writing every book after a person hooked on the first book, or fail to complete the series. This in my opinion are EPIC failures for any author.

Why would you start an amazing series only to leave it empty and unfinished? Or finish it so pathetically that it is impossible to read the end of the series? Why would you put so much effort into book one of the series only to flop spectacularly at books two and on? Why write a book that opens a series only to leave it open and utterly unfinished?

These questions plague me, I am completely and utterly frusterated by. I hate these authors, I mean I love them but I slightly despise them. I want these authors to complete the series with the same effort put forth into the first book. I crave these books with everything in my soul.

Okay done ranting. I just slip a little bit further into insanity when authors do this to me! I am already on the edge so slipping further towards the abyss is very daunting.


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