(Image is a unrelated picture of my dog sleeping.)

So I took my daughter to the park near our house. It’s just a little park with a great open field, a basketball hoop, and a little blip of a playground. It’s really pretty.
However half of the neighborhood isn’t that great. I’ve lived in worse in my adult life so I mean it isn’t bad just not good. Anyways these two little boys with seemingly no parents or adults or even older kids (both looked to be younger than my 7 year old) came to the playground and played with my kid. No issues there, actually I was grateful. It was the only time in my day I got to read my book without mini me asking me a thousand questions every few seconds. So for a short period it was great, until those wonderful cursed mom ears heard “fuck” coming for a little voice. Well these mom ears started listening to their little conversation and it went like this.
Littlest boy – we say fuck that.
Older little boy – And shit because we fuck shit up.
Littlest boy (while running) – fuck this, fuck that, fuck everyone.

At this point I’m pretty much done so I start gathering stuff to leave and I hear my daughter tell them both “those are rude words, I don’t say any of them.” Mind you my daughter doesn’t even like to listen to uptown funk because it sounds like a bad word. No work on my part that’s just her own morales that she just has, I cuss worse than most sailors I know. She has her own goodness and compass that she set to follow rules. I’m proud of her for that.
Now back to the little boys, I hope they made it back to their home without anything bad happening.