(Image is of my dad standing on the beach over father’s day weekend)

So I have been AWOL. Sorry about that! I was sick and crazy busy. I’m still getting over being sick and I don’t have anytime to sleep and heal, but that’s life. My sinuses are causing my ear canal to swell hence the ringing ears and hearing loss. I have been absolutely exhausted battling this cold. So there’s my whining for the day. However today I feel way better, I overloaded myself on cold medicine and vitamins last night so that helps.

So life the last few weeks has been crazy, my daughter finished first grade with wonderful grades. I still want her to improve on all areas so we will be working pretty hard throughout the summer to put her ahead next year and hopefully get her some awards next year. I am creating several binders full of educational materials to boost her up. Now the mission is to make it fun for her. The joys of mommyhood right?

Well that’s my life, controlled chaos! Got to love it


(Image is a photo of the beach just because it’s pretty and I partially wish I was still there.)