(Image is of an ear. Why an ear you ask? Well mostly because mine hates me right now.)

I won’t be posting much at the moment because I am having some awesome ear trouble. I have liquid  (I’m going to assume it’s water) in my ear.
Go to the doctor get it resolved. Yes I know that’s what your going to say but you see I have to deal with doctors who really don’t care about me, about getting my issue fixed. They care about see the names crossed off of their list and calling it good.
Switch doctors? Well normally I would but I have Tricare and they want me at the Navy Hospital. To switch take a lot of time on the phone for phone calls. A phone call requires working ears. I have one functional ear and one that hates me.
I also have an irrational dislike and distrust of doctors. Mainly because my laundry list of medical issues: anxiety, despression, peripheral neuropathy, migraines, and a few other. I have doctors tell me that I’m too young to have back problems. I’m too smart to have anxiety. I’m too pretty too have depression. Because my age, intelligence, or looks have anything to do with medical problems. I had one doctor feed me pills for my anxiety and depression (against my will) and tell me that he would check me into to an institution if my blood work didn’t show appropriate levels of said medications. Needless to say I didn’t go see him even again, I got a new doctor. The last doctor I saw removed precancerous cells from my body and me being terrified of that diagnosis didn’t schedule a follow up immediately. I did later and they had clean margins and a clear scan (good news, terrible scare).

So now I avoid doctors like the plague unless I need one. My husband encourages me to get appointments more often than I do, like currently I’m out of my migraine medication. And have had to suffer through them without treatment. The medication was prescribed by my doctor from when I had my own insurance and the ability to chose my doctor. I could email her and say hey my meds are out can I have some more or do I need an appointment. They would either give me more or make an appointment. My point I didn’t have to waste her and my time by going there. I hate feeling like I’m wasting a doctor’s time, I think that’s the anxiety.

Anyways back to now. I have water in my ear. It is as miserable as it sounds! I can’t hear out of one ear, my balance is off, I find myself clenching my jaw, and really it’s exhausting. Is it medically necessary to see a doctor? Maybe, maybe not. I’m still hoping for it to go away on its own, I have tried everything including hanging my head upside down. Surprisingly that one works while my head was upside down. Now I think I will just continue my descent into madness and deal with it like I do everything else.