(Image is of my daughter playing bubbles provided by the Kirby people)

So parenting, it seems to be this thing that no one does right. I mean look at any one post on Facebook or Instagram and every parent is doing it wrong according to everyone else.
I let my daughter play outside without directly supervising her, by that I mean I have the door and or windows open to hear her and can see her. I’m just not outside. Why? Well I will tell you as plain as I can, I trust my daughter to follow the rules I gave her in playing outside, period. She knows to stay in my yard, she knows if a stranger comes close she needs to come up towards or onto the porch to be safe. She knows no screaming or yelling. ALL of these rules she follows without complaint. Why? She enjoys the freedom to be a kid without me hovering and knows if she breaks the rules she loses that privilege.
You know what else I don’t hover over her while she does? Play at the park, make her own sandwich, and over any of her other chores she manages to complete on her own. I don’t hover because she needs to learn to function on her own, she needs to learn when she falls down its OK to get back up on your own. My daughter is strong, stubborn, bullheaded, smart, creative, and quite a lot wild. Every single adult she meets is impressed by her manners and her respect for adults.
Now I am not saying she’s prefect or even close, she tries guilt, anger, and tears to get her way. She will blame the dog for distracting her from her homework or chores. She “forgets” do to things or bring things. She argues about anything and everything!
Am I doing this parenting this right? By my standards, ya I am. By every other parent I meet I am completely wrong. She doesn’t have a sibling, I yell, I let her bleed, I read my book at the park instead of watching her every heart beat. I’m sure that list could go on.
The point I am truly trying to make is parenting is hard, criticism from other parents makes it harder. Why does anyone feel the need to tell other people off?

**Note – I definitely don’t normally do rants but this one, this opinion needed to come out. Every mom or Dad does things differently. There is no rule book or guideline. There are plans and thoughts, ideas and styles. Every parent is doing what they think is the right thing for their child. **