(Image is of the Hoh Rainforest – a trail we are planning on taking Saturday)

So I have spent the entire month of May going through ever part of my house looking for things that are trash, give away, or something that can be sold. So far I have a mountain sitting in half of my room because I am just overwelmed. I haven’t sorted anything into the categories listed above, why? Mostly because there’s so much already I don’t even know where to begin.
The husband is awesomely supportive but not helpful. His theory is we can just take it with us and deal with it later. I’m telling you I love that man dearly but two procrastinators should never marry each other. Haha! He’s also a small part hoarder I’m pretty sure. He keeps everything until I make him toss it out, then he meticulously reads every receipt or whatever it is to see if we need it. Hint we never ever do! Again I love my husband and it’s quiet cute that he wants to make sure everything is important before he throws it away.
So today I am going through the left over wedding things to find what we want to keep and what can go. And my daughter’s room because we all know she does not need ten million toys or two dressers full of clothes. Hand me downs or not some has to go.
Any moving tips for me? When you moved what was something you regretted not having? Or bringing that you didn’t need?