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May 2016

Absent and lost


(Image is of my mom and daughters hands touching sea anemones at the beach)

My head has been in the clouds, my focus is lost and my motivation got left some where last week. My husband is going back out to sea for a short period. It’s thrown the routine of the house out the window as everything gets shuffled around and we throw things together for him to go. I feel like I’ve lost my head, I’m pretty sure I left it around here somewhere.
So the husband is leaving I’m still finding things to go to the second hand store, and it’s my birthday this week. Just after he leaves, that’s always crappy.
All of our plans for the last few weeks have been blown up or destroyed by my back issues. I have nerve damage in my back and most of the time I’m okay but lately instead of running at a 5 on the pain scale it’s been more of a 8 on the same scale. I’ve been miserable, and where misery happens depression follows. I’m having a hard time climbing out of this one, I mean I will but it’s not an easy climb. Never really is though, is it?

Moving is going smoothly, I haven’t had any trouble with anything I’ve attempted to get accomplished. So far I’m not working against the clock, even though the clock is definitely counting down on our time left in Washington. We have 60 days left give or take. Definitely time to squeeze adventures into daily life.



(Both images are of the beach in found of my parents house, the top is just pretty, the bottom is the water. If you look closely at the second picture you can see black spots in the water, those are sea lions heads.)



(Image is of my daughter playing bubbles provided by the Kirby people)

So parenting, it seems to be this thing that no one does right. I mean look at any one post on Facebook or Instagram and every parent is doing it wrong according to everyone else.
I let my daughter play outside without directly supervising her, by that I mean I have the door and or windows open to hear her and can see her. I’m just not outside. Why? Well I will tell you as plain as I can, I trust my daughter to follow the rules I gave her in playing outside, period. She knows to stay in my yard, she knows if a stranger comes close she needs to come up towards or onto the porch to be safe. She knows no screaming or yelling. ALL of these rules she follows without complaint. Why? She enjoys the freedom to be a kid without me hovering and knows if she breaks the rules she loses that privilege.
You know what else I don’t hover over her while she does? Play at the park, make her own sandwich, and over any of her other chores she manages to complete on her own. I don’t hover because she needs to learn to function on her own, she needs to learn when she falls down its OK to get back up on your own. My daughter is strong, stubborn, bullheaded, smart, creative, and quite a lot wild. Every single adult she meets is impressed by her manners and her respect for adults.
Now I am not saying she’s prefect or even close, she tries guilt, anger, and tears to get her way. She will blame the dog for distracting her from her homework or chores. She “forgets” do to things or bring things. She argues about anything and everything!
Am I doing this parenting this right? By my standards, ya I am. By every other parent I meet I am completely wrong. She doesn’t have a sibling, I yell, I let her bleed, I read my book at the park instead of watching her every heart beat. I’m sure that list could go on.
The point I am truly trying to make is parenting is hard, criticism from other parents makes it harder. Why does anyone feel the need to tell other people off?

**Note – I definitely don’t normally do rants but this one, this opinion needed to come out. Every mom or Dad does things differently. There is no rule book or guideline. There are plans and thoughts, ideas and styles. Every parent is doing what they think is the right thing for their child. **

Cleaning and sorting


(Image is of the Hoh Rainforest – a trail we are planning on taking Saturday)

So I have spent the entire month of May going through ever part of my house looking for things that are trash, give away, or something that can be sold. So far I have a mountain sitting in half of my room because I am just overwelmed. I haven’t sorted anything into the categories listed above, why? Mostly because there’s so much already I don’t even know where to begin.
The husband is awesomely supportive but not helpful. His theory is we can just take it with us and deal with it later. I’m telling you I love that man dearly but two procrastinators should never marry each other. Haha! He’s also a small part hoarder I’m pretty sure. He keeps everything until I make him toss it out, then he meticulously reads every receipt or whatever it is to see if we need it. Hint we never ever do! Again I love my husband and it’s quiet cute that he wants to make sure everything is important before he throws it away.
So today I am going through the left over wedding things to find what we want to keep and what can go. And my daughter’s room because we all know she does not need ten million toys or two dressers full of clothes. Hand me downs or not some has to go.
Any moving tips for me? When you moved what was something you regretted not having? Or bringing that you didn’t need?

A little more coherent this time


(Image says be awesome today)

So my anxiety has been murderous the last few days. I got into a rare argument with the husband (and by rare I mean in three years it’s happened like four times, pretty lucky I know). All because I thought he was mad at me for forgetting to do something simple, he wasn’t mad until I snapped at him (defensive is the word he used). I honestly didn’t even know what that meant and it made me mad as hell. How can I be doing something when I don’t even know what it is? Well after spending as much time as I possibly could away from him and googling what it was, I realized he was right. Several years of mental abuse from my ex taught me to be defensive. And that wasn’t my husbands fault. That’s what no female wants to admit when they’re angry. So of course that brings my anxiety up and going.
So I have spent everyday sense then exhausted, senses on full alert, scattered brain, stressed, and just not really loving my life. Yesterday I couldn’t remember if I packed my kid a lunch for school, so I stressed until she came home. I forgot to buy dog food so my dog went without the good stuff for dinner (he got fed but not as much or what he normally gets), mostly because I knew I couldn’t handle going to a store. I spent last night doing everything I knew to calm down. It took my lovely gift of a daughter coming out from her room when she couldn’t sleep just for cuddles. Apparently I needed to cuddle into her innocent arms just as much as she needed mine, and just breath. We turned the tv off and layer on the couch, then we stretched our muscles. She went to bed and I went to shower then bed. It was therapeutic just to hold my baby girl and just breath.


(Image is of a Harry Potter coloring book and box of crayons. They probably helped the stress too!)

Hiking and the outdoors


Washington is beautiful, even in the rain. I have to say that because we went hiking Sunday in Washington in the rain. I love the Pacific Northwest, I mean I hate the rain some times but that all goes together I guess. We went hiking by the Dosewallips River, it was raining but it was beautiful. The daughter was in a state of awe the entire trip. The hike was a quick incline followed by a mile or so meandering throughout the woods around waterfalls and finally back down the hillside (or as my city boy husband calls it – a mountain lol).



(Images are of our hike in the Dosewallips forrest)

On the other hand after not very much research I have discovered that dogs aren’t allowed in Yellowstone. That seems perfectly reasonable but for our situation that really just sucks. We are moving our entire household, dog included, we don’t have a place for him while we adventure. The husband said and I quote “most people would give their up for adoption, but I don’t want to do that.” That honestly didn’t even cross my mind. I was thinking doggy daycare. There are plenty of options for that but I am worried about leaving my pup with strangers for a day. What if he decides to “play” which to a boxer is all mouth and boxing? What if he gets scared? What if there isn’t room for him when we plan to be there? Ugh hate all this.
Travelling sucks! So we have pretty much ruled out some of the things we were looking for. We can’t go to the Grand Canyon or New Orleans. New Orleans was the one thing I was very much looking forward to.
Well I’m not sure where I was going with all this my mind is frazzled.

Life in a nutshell


(*Image is of Jax at the dog park, it’s beautiful and awesome)

Life is repetitive, wake up take the kids to school, clean the house, catch up on my TV shows, and read or write when I have time. There’s also the dog to chase around every day and my niece who I watch once a week. Those are just the things I try to get done before 4pm. My husband works so much he’s not a lot of help since he’s only home a few days a week.
Once a week I try to get together with my best friend and her daughter  (my God daughter). I also try to get the dog out of the house and to the dog park once a week to keep up on his manners.
Today is the day I generally clean the fridge and scrub the kitchen. I’m bored with the routine of normal repetitive life. This weekend we are planning to go find a mountain to play on, most likely Mount Rainier. I’m very excited about that. My birthday weekend however we plan to go enjoy Mount St Helen’s, or maybe wander the wonderful town of Seattle. We have like 80 days left in the part of the world and I’m excited to travel the country. But I’m less excited to leave home.
Now to listen to Harry Potter while I clean the kitchen! Daily domestic adventures and all that grand stuff! Yes be jealous!


(Image is of another day at the dog park, totally unrelated but adorable)

Vomiting, germs, and children


*Image is completely unrelated but adorable picture of Jax playing dead*

So some sort of plague type flu came through my house from my niece and nephew. I love them to death. My kid ended up projectile vomiting through every set of bed linen she has (minus one that I didn’t let her touch). Why didn’t I just wash them? Well my washer broke two days before the plague hit because well life is fun. So the sick little one and I slept in the living room with her pile of towels under her and me holding hand sanitizer wishing for a biohazard suit. I sanitized the house after she fell asleep hoping to prevent the plague getting passed around the house. Well that failed epically!  I got sick the very next day despite my efforts. And instead of one day out like the 7 year old I spent 48 hours basically out for the count, she got tapped with it and I got brought to my knees. That seems fair right. Thankfully I unlike the child who is content to sit and throw up where ever she happens to be would rather throw up in a toilet. The child literally would rather vomit in one spot and lay in it that make the mad dash to the toilet. It made for a ton of messes all throughout the day and night. The joys of parenting, I know I feel special.
Now why am I calling this the plague? It passed through my brothers house, then mine did it stop there? Of course not, why would it! It went on to my best friends house to infect her and both of her kids. Hence the nickname the plague. Needless to say I am sanitizing my entire house minus the laundry that can’t get done until Wednesday when out washer is due to be delivered.
So until the next episode of this crazy world I am going to hope my plague doesn’t spread to anyone else! Stay healthy my friends!


*Image is of my niece who fell asleep on my floor after out afternoon walk, ahh the cuteness*

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