I don’t have a picture today, it’s not a picture type day. I have been planning out our move across the country, stressing about stops and taking the time we have to take. We have 30 plus days to drive from the northwest coast to the northeast coast. My amazing husband wants to add Texas and New Orleans into that drive. I know we have to take majority of that time going from one place to the next, we can’t just drive and be there in a week. If we do our stuff and house won’t be ready and we will have to wait around which sounds worse than driving for 20 plus days. So Yellowstone National Park, Salt Lake City, Grand Canyon National Park, Dallas, and New Orleans are all our major stops. I’m sure we will add and change up our list as needed but those are what we have roughed out. We have also discovered that most hotels charge an outrageous amount for us to have a dog with us leaving us two options lying or camping. Ugh! The stress of travel and moving. Now I’m off to find out which school my daughter will be enrolled in next year.