We finally found out when we are moving, we should’ve known months ago. But we found out last night, better late than never. I also had a great surprise. I will explain that one later… Not trying to be vague sadly navy wife life means I can’t always talk about what I want to.  So as soon as I can talk about it I will have an awesome post about it.

We are building an epic list of things we need to do before we leave Washington. There is a loop trail around Mount Rainier, and Ape Caves at Mount Saint Helen’s. There’s two added in just the last day. The Mount Rainier loop trail is 6 miles of a moderate hike, meaning steep climbs and quick drops. But the views, God the views, will be outstanding. Does anyone have any suggestions for hikes in the Pacific Northwest, preferably in Washington state itself. I’m already planning both the major mountains (Rainier and Saint Helen’s), Leavenworth (the “German” town), Mount Olympus or Mount Angeles, EMP museum, Woodland park soon again, San Juan islands, and Deception Pass. Anyone have any add onsu for the list? Places you’ve heard of, places you want to see? I love this state and I’m going to miss it.

I’ve been getting rid of tons of things out of our house. The Saint Vincent’s down the road loves me, I have taken over half of my get rid of pile to them. Since we have a pretty good life that means I get to donate good quality things to a place that actually needs it. I stopped and now refuse to give donations to a for profit places like Goodwill. I would rather give what I can do places that need it. Hell I went through my daughter’s clothes and found things that were brand new but things she can’t wear anymore. Talk about wasteful on my end. What are some places that you like to donate too? Saint Vincent’s isn’t taking donations for the remainder of the month, food yes but not clothing or household goods.

Enjoy the beautiful day!


*Image is an old picture I took of the beach at my parents house.*