*Image is of my husband and myself on out wedding day during our first dance*

In recent days in have had two friends get engaged and two others decide to announce their pregnancy. All of these news bites were completely unexpected. The engagements, well those girls are two of my best friends and I cannot wait to go to the wedding, reception, or whatever they have. The pregnancies however, I can’t help but feel a small twinge of jealousy. I am very happy for both couples they are going to be awesome parents (well one couple already has a little one but still).
My husband and I have wanted a baby for the last year, yes I know we haven’t been married that long but we have been together close to three years. We have actively been trying for about 7 months with no luck. I also know it can take longer than that but still want it now you know.
One of the engagements casually came up in a conversation way past my bed time. She reacted the same way I did and it brought back so many of my own fears and anxiety from that simple life changing question. She came to me knowing that her and I think alike in those aspects. She wanted to make sure the anxious feeling wasn’t a clue that she was making a mistake. The glow on her face and the happiness in her eyes were literally all it took for me to know that she wasn’t. I think she just wanted an outsider telling her moving on from her semi recent divorce was far from a bad thing, she needed support that night. And not for the first time nor will it be the last I was that support.
On the other hand I have a best friend who is just purely thrilled to finally find the love of her life and be completely happy in love. She loves talking to me knowing that I am equally as happy.
I’ve discovered that I have become that one stable married friend in the group which is strange because I spent a lot of years as the wild one. I guess I’m all grown up now, again strange because I’m saying that were superhero sweatpants and procrastinating chores. I guess life throws surprises when you don’t expect it. Here’s hoping for a few more great ones!