* Image is a blurry snap shot of Jax post run chewing his rope and falling asleep at the same time*

Allergies season is upon us dear people. And I for one am despising it, I mean I love spring but hate the allergies. I want my nose and sinuses back please. I want to not wash my black car 500 times a month because there pollen everywhere. I want to not be terrified that I’m going to be that seriously unlucky bastard that really dies because of sneezing! Have you ever sneezed so hard or so many times you have hurt your ribs? No well I, my dear, have many times at least twice every spring. And I live by the coast so to make matters worse it seems the only time I can really smell anything is when it’s low tide on a very warm day. If you don’t know what that smalls like be grateful!
This month is going by impossibly slow and painfully. I mean really after everything it’s seriously only the 11th. I was hoping for like the 20th or maybe even farther when I woke up this morning but nope just 11 days into April. I’m definitely not digging this month. I sound whiney don’t I? Maybe it’s just today.
So my daughter came back home yesterday, and today she’s already fighting me about chores and homework. She is all spit fire and attitude, so much like her mother. She keeps me on my toes and keeps me from letting the depression take over. That might help mostly my stubborn idea of not losing an argument to a seven year old. Of course she’s such an awesome kid, she fought me over folding her clothes then finished and came out to love on me. She told me about her week, we talked about things and laughed with each other. We talked about her dad and how much she misses him already, she wants him home. Every time he leaves him and I have to take about a week before and after convincing her that he’s coming home. She didn’t go through that part this time, she has her guess count down until he comes back. She picks a day in a random month and counts, some times she’s surprised but twice she’s been spot on.
But now I’m exhausted, my Fitbit says I slept 15 minutes last night.