*Image is of the Pacific Ocean taken by me*

My daughter, my lovely gift, my devilish angel, now has three of five appointments made. I am worried and excited. I’m worried because well she’s my baby, and I want everything to be OK. I’m excited because that means we are one step closer to finding the end of the problems. So as I explained before, she has hearing and vision problems. What I haven’t mentioned is I’m starting to think she has sensory issues as well. I’m not sure if she does but it is a question I will have for her primary doctor later this month. And now that the husband is deployed I am once again on my own to figure everything out. The great thing is I’ve been on my own with my daughter for 5 out of 7 years of her life so I got this, right?
On another note she’s been at my parents for three days now. Yesterday I called to talk to her and she was having so much fun she didn’t even want to talk. Which of course made me miss her even more. My mom called me back after I was hung up on to tell me she’s being awesome, using great manners, and the only complaint was I forgot her fishing pole and empty tackle box; mostly the tackle box. Why is that so important? Her answer “I could put worms in it but I think snacks would be a better idea. It even clips on my belt!” And that is pretty much a direct quote!! She’s pretty brilliant actually! I mean what’s fishing without snacks!
My dog on the other hand has been driving me crazy! He thinks that he needs to go out every five minutes (OK it’s more like every half hour but still). We go for one or two miles walks everyday enjoying the glorious rare April Washington sunshine. Surprisingly he hates it, I tried to run with him and he does for about a quarter of a mile then he’s done. I have a lazy puppy, he will lay on my lap and take a nap when it’s around the time I take him for a walk! It’s actually pretty adorable.
On the other hand I found an article about workouts that are supposed to help with anxiety and depression, maybe you’ve seen them. It’s been helping slowly but the husband still thinks I should see a doctor about it. That ratchets up my anxiety, doctors always seem to look at me like I’m just looking for drugs. What you don’t know is I have back pain issues, anxiety as well as depression. So I get the eye rolls and the doctor’s that either hand me pills that don’t help or tell me I’m too young to have back problems. So doctors make me anxious for a lot of reasons but I listed a few. Now that I think about it maybe the exercise is helping more than I realize, I made plans involving a unicorn costume and a glitter cannon (I will explain that one later) also I’m writing again. I also made plans to people with boat wives (not my typical cup of tea but I’ll go), so maybe I’m working on the other side of things.