wp-1459657082276.jpg*9/11 Tribute park we discovered today*
If you have ever spent anytime in Washington you know that a week of sunshine is rare, well this is one of those rare weeks that have been absolutely beautiful. So today we decided to go to the neighborhood park to enjoy the rare sunshine. Most of this week I’ve been stuck inside doing that hateful thing called chores. But today has been one of those days that make all of those chores and the husbands crazy work week worth it.

This weekend I have my teenage nephew and 9-year-old niece. Our house is pretty big for a two bedroom but still two extra kids isn’t something I’m used to. But I love them and I only have them until tomorrow when I take them all to my parents. Yay both mom’s (my sister and I) get a break for most of spring break if not all of it.
So today we went the park, the girls played for about a half hour then the big kids (the teenager, husband and myself) got bored. So we rounded up munchkins and walked the park. It’s about a mile and a half loop so a good walk with two littles and a dog. At the end of the trail (or the trail I thought was there) there was a new addition a 9/11 memorial that I showed in the picture up there. The tribute consisted of one piece of steel from each building and a cornerstone from the Pentagon. It was given to the local fire department for their help during the attacks. It was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in the area. But I was grateful for the chance to teach my kid about what happened that day and see the awe in her face. Hell I even saw awe in the teenager face when he realized that those twisted steal bars where once a part of a building.
Good parenting win for the day!